Thats actually a stray pencil mark that I didnt notice until I put the photos on my computer its definitely not a bleed under.). Im going to give these stripes a few more days to dry before i go back and clean up my pencil marks and add another fun element to my friends wall.  If you want to see a larger image of the wall after I painted these stripes, you can check out an image i posted on my facebook page.  It looks really awesome, if I do say so myself. So, where do you buy this tape kit? Well, thats the sticking point.  Since this kit is so new, some lowes have it, but not all of them.

I used opzegtermijn an angled brush to cut in at the ceilings, corners, and baseboard, and i used a shampoo 6 roller to paint the rest. I painted two coats. Once the second coat was on, i peeled the tape. The results blew my mind, yall. I have painted a lot of stripes on a lot of textured walls, and ive never had one come out so perfectly. There was literally not one single paint bleed in the eight stripes that I painted. Not a single one! The lines are crisp and sharp. This stuff is perfection. (The image above does make it look like there is a bleed under the first dark stripe.

was striping a wall for a friend.  She has textured walls, too, and I gave this new paint kit a shot. After i used a level and yardstick to draw out my stripe lines, i taped off the stripes with the orange tape.  I made sure to press down on the edge of the tape that I would be painting to make sure it stuck well.  Then, i ran a wet cloth over the tape to activate whatever special magic is in the tapes adhesive that helps it to stick well on textured walls. Next, i used the bottle of what i assume is thin glue to seal the edges of the tape that will be painted. Its easy to do by just running the squeeze bottle along the tape line.  Just be careful not to let the glue go on too thick, as I think youd be able to see that once you get the stripes painted.  And only put this glue on the edge of the tape to be painted, since you will be able to see it on the wall if you dont paint over. After you let that dry for 15 minutes, you paint the stripes just as you would any other wall.

FrogTape, painter's Tape, frogtape

I think knock down texture is largely a regional tanden thing, so many of you probably dont experience this. But, painters tape doesnt properly seal on textured walls due to the raised texture, so the paint bleeds under the tape. In fact, ive had to develop my own time consuming system for working with regular painters tape on textured walls. And in all honesty, i dont normally use FrogTape neither the green nor the yellow versions. I have always thought that the 3M blue tape worked well (and am actually in love with this. Bloc-it tape * that you can only get off of Amazon). But, they had me at collagen textured surface, so i immediately bought one of the new orange kits.

FrogTape frogTape ) Twitter

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Several months ago, i was minding my own business in the painting section at Lowes when i almost ran into something in the middle of the aisle. It was one of those cardboard displays that they have every so often featuring an item that they were geschoren promoting. I generally ignore those displays since. I know what Im looking for when I go in there, but this one stopped me because it was bright orange. And because it was for a new type of painters tape kit from FrogTapemade specifically for textured surfaces. Cue the heavens opening and the angels singing. As someone who is obsessed with sharp, graphic patterns on my walls, having an entire house of knock down textured walls is the bane of my existence.

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    Ich habe mir das Frogtape gekauft um dieses mal einen Test zu unterziehen. More painting tips, want more tips for your next paint project? For more how-to's from.

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    One step of the painting process thats easy to miss is the wall prep. Learn more. FrogTape has a paint block technology that helps to eliminate paint bleed.

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    Make sure you have a clean surface to apply your tape, because dirt, grease or dust on your walls and trim can affect adhesion and result in messy paint lines. Extra scharfe kanten, dank unserer patentierten paint-Block technologie. FrogTape is the only painter's tape treated with paintBlock technology.

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