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April 2007 by finno furre (former distributor of Apax Partners controlled lr health beauty systems ) Apax looses wipo case On Friday april 19, The world Intellectual Property Organization decided that Apax Partners cannot deny us the right to free speech. This domain, m will not be closed down. April 2007 by finno furre (former distributor of Apax Partners controlled lr health beauty systems ) Part in case receives death threat On Monday april 16, Mrs. Irene furre (my mother and part in this case against lr health beauty systems) received a package from Düsseldorf containing a dead animal. Norwegian Police (who opened the package) immediately urged her to file a report of death-threat. We were also told to take immediate precautions regarding children and grandchildren. The norwegian Postalsystem is supporting the investigation. Although we do not think Apax Partners or lr health beauty systems are behind this hideous attack on our private lives, we urge Apax to take owner-responsibility and end this struggle with a fair deal: we spent a total of 20 years building the norwegian.

As the attention to this story grows, more Scandinavian newspapers will likely cover the story, hopefully from a more scrutinizing financial perspective. Read the english translation here: html - pdf. Pictures of the article: first page, page 4-5, the article. May 2007 by finno furre (former distributor of Apax Partners controlled lr health beauty systems goedkope ) Call for investigation in murder-threat case The new ceo of lr health beauty systems. Jens Abend, promised all the help he could give after fiets Mrs. Irene furre received a death-threat. We are grateful for this, and have given him all available info regarding the package with the dead animal. It's been three weeks, and we still haven't gotten any feedback. Although we do not suspect anyone at lr or Apax, we really think any suspicison should be ruled out completely. If nothing is done about by the company or the owners, it will seem as the situation at hand is swept under the carpet.

in court to let the norwegian legal system have their say. 2008 by finno furre (former distributor of Apax Partners controlled lr health beauty systems ) Apax Partners scores two: 1) my company goes bankrupt 2) Web goes down (for a while) I guess Apax Partners has made progress. In December 2007, my company went bankrupt due to the broken agreements by lr health beauty systems. Although i am surviving this, it's still sad when corporate bullying prevails. Due to unpaid bills, this web page also went down for a while. However, with help from friends, we are now up and running again and ready to fight back. See you in court March 14th. 2007 by finno furre (former distributor of Apax Partners controlled lr health beauty systems ) Dagbladet, norway's second largest newspaper, covers the story of Apax lr on Sunday the 20th. Of may, norway's second largest newspaper devoted the front page to the unbelievable story of how Irene furre  has been treated by lr apax. This is the first article in a series that will expose how Apax runs lr purely for profits, while crushing anyone trying to protest this change of strategy of the previous entrepreneurial company.

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The appeals case comes up in Appeals court March 12-13 in Oslo, norway, only a few days after Jürgen liebig goes to court against Apax/lr in Germany for the same reasons. The largest, most succesful lr-distributor ever, was brutally kicked out on the very day of his 20th anniversary as lr-distributor, november 20th. (he signed on as a distributor nov 20th. Also, a small publishing company is interested in publishing my book about this bizarre story about Apax Partners, including murder threats, dead animals in the mail, children kept home from school and kindergarten, crushed car windows, pointless claims to the United Nations Intellectual Property organ. Martin Halusa received a four page document in January 2007. I am pretty satisfied with my predictions so far. This document also outlines the context for the book. "How to ruin a success Story" can be downloaded here. To date, the two sites monitoring this case has now had more than 400.000 hits, with 56 countries, us government, us military, united Nations, norwegian government visiting among many unidentified.

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2009, by, finno furre (former distributor of, apax Partners controlled. Lr, health beauty systems it's official: this is "cheating fraud". We recently received some letters anonymously in the mail, from former lr top face management, confirming what we have said all along. After this, lr/Apax hos zero credibility in the mlm market (not that they had much left anyway.). Lr manager Thomas heursen's "pension-plan" (pdf about LR/Apax management 1 (pdf about LR/Apax management 2 (pdf february 22nd. Lr, health beauty systems long overdue update. Apax/lr health beauty systems lost every argument against Irene furre in the district court. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to argue the financial matters of the case, since Apax/LR's lawyer needed to fly his private helicopter to his mountain cabin before dawn.

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